PO SEUR currently has 7 active Calls for Applications, 1 belonging to Axis I, 3 to Axis II and the other 3 belonging to Axis III. You can consult them directly from the list below. All Calls are also available for viewing on the Calls for Applications tab.


European Week of Regions and Cities 2018


The European Week of Regions and Cities 2018, the annual four-day event in Brussels, runs from today to October 11, where officials from regions and municipalities, as well as experts and representatives from the academic world, can exchange good practices and knowledge on Regional and Urban Development. The meeting is also a recognized platform for political communication on EU cohesion policy, raising awareness among policy makers on the importance of regions and cities in shaping EU policies. Find out everything about this great event on the European Week of Regions and Cities website.


PO SEUR Monthly Report referring to July 2018 was published


PO SEUR Management Authority has just released a new edition of its Monthly Report. The Monthly Report - July 2018 intends to continue reporting on the application of the Cohesion Fund within national territory so that in a transparent and clear way, there is a public perception of the degree of implementation of the Programme, at the financial level and at the level of implementation of the main indicators.